The Master of Change
one-on-one support in navigating through the storm and figuring out what is next
This program is for you if you are going through:
career change
transition into retirement
health crisis
Shea Petaja
Your partner in transition, certified life coach, speaker
Why I created the Master of Change:
I'm no stranger to transitions. One day I'm doing all the things: 9-5, side-hustle'n, shack'n up, hosting our families and the next day (literally) I'm unexpectedly single. Within less than 24 hours my entire world flipped upside down.

In the absence of many things this year: my ovary (and decision not to have children), grandmother, sense of smell (very needed because I rely on this to navigate chemical sensitivities), Fulfillament (we have decided to create our own things), my job as CXO & radio show personality and my partner for the last two years, it's hard not to be consumed by the multilayered void I feel in my life. It's huge. Gaping.

I found peace in remembering how strong I am. I am not starting over. I'm starting from experience. Transition is my second language. I moved 37 times before I found a house. I've had several careers, a very lonely spiritual pilgrimage and navigated health challenges around every turn. I know how to reach out to people and ask for help. When I called Rob he said, "When it storms, cows run away from the weather prolonging their suffering. The buffalo run into it. You have a choice."
I decided to become the buffalo.

I leaned into my pain by doing what scared me the most - facing the elements wholeheartedly, going into the darkness of the unknown.

Recently a client said to me, "Shea. No offense, but your life seems to be a mess (we both started to laugh) and yet here you are helping me so much. It made me realize that I don't have to be perfect to get started. I just have to be me."
She's right.